Better Nutrition
Better Absorption**
Better Growth***

Introducing Aptagrow a new age scientifically designed nutritious milk drink for growing kids with the unique blend of prebiotics

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With over
50 years
of pioneering

We are Europe’s No.1 company for paediatric oral nutrition supplements. Our formulated milk is specially designed for kids above 3 years.

We believe that early life experiences are a great way to build your child’s resilience. With over 50 years of pioneering research, AptaGrow is scientifically designed to support height gain, brain development, and immunity. Its Nutri-Absorb formula has 37 essential nutrients with a unique blend of prebiotics that helps in better absorption of nutrients. Low in fat and sugar, this nutritious milk drink is designed to be a part of healthy, wholesome diet for your kid.

The Power
of Absorption*
for better
Designed for better
absorption* of
nutrients to support
healthy growth** in
Height Gain

100% Milk Protein, Calcium to support height gain

Supports Gut
Health & Immunity

Vitamin A,C,D,E along with a unique blend of Prebiotic GoS & FoS to improve gut health and immunity

Brain Development

DHA, Iron, Choline, Folic Acid & Iodine to support Brain Development

Us vs. them

(per 100g)



(Brain Development)
Unique blend
of Prebiotics
(Immunity & Nutrient
20%* Vit A,
B6 and Zn
Vitamin K2
(Strong Bones)
(Healthy Growth)
(Healthy Growth)
(Healthy Growth)
(Serves Per Day)

*As compared to Pediasure Chocolate Flavour-B.No.31015MN2 D(20% higher immuno-nutrients -Vitamin A, E, B6 and Zn). Based on % calculation as per valued declared on pack.

Whether you’re researching on the most nutritious first foods or wondering how to manage toddler tantrums or struggling with sleepless nights – count on your peers, mentors, experts, for support. Parenting is unique to every parent. Let’s come together to help each other in this journey. Become a member today.

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How to make
a delicious cup of Aptagrow?
Nutritious drink for growing kids
Available in two flavours
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Important Notice

Breast milk is best for babies. At Danone India, we support breast feeding and believe that breast milk is the best food for babies as the sole source of nutrition for the first 6 months of life and is recommended to be continued until 2 years with the introduction of appropriate complementary foods after 6 months of age.