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Understanding HDPE?

Manlapene™ HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)sheets are
extruded using quality Polyethylene resins.

It is a highly versatile material that is used in many industries. This type of sheet has excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, low moisture absorption, and chemical and corrosion-resistance properties.

This thick plastic sheet is used for exterior/outdoor applications. It can also be machined into parts and used as wear strips or wear pads.

Manlapene™ HDPE Sheets used for:
  • Playground complete set
  • Playground components i.e. slides, huts, swing seat
  • Amusement park design panels
  • Walls
  • Roofing
  • (Safety) Floors

HDPE Usage in Play Equipments

Giraffe-style outdoor playground equipment for children made of HDPE sheet

Our Kidzlet Giraffe-style slide is made to support toddlers as they playfully explore and discover their world. It encourages the growth of crucial abilities and allows children to use their creativity and imagination.

Parents can also take a break because children wouldn't need to leave the area to use the next piece of play equipment.

Outdoor Ship Play Station made of HDPE Sheet for your children

Endless play is the dream of every kid in the world, and another essential factor is space and safety, which can include all their friends. We have created the fabulous Multi Fun System with HDPE sheet, considering the safety of kids along with creativity. The giant fun play station is made with intellect and innovation.

Spider Climber constructed of HDPE sheets for a playground

The Spider Climber is a special type of net climber that has a pattern resembling a spider web in the centre and is constructed of HDPE sheets. When kids pretend to be trying to escape from the web of a huge arachnid while playing, it encourages them to use their imaginations. This pattern gives each of the spaces between the ropes a more interesting shape, making them harder to foot.

Children’s Rope Climbing Playground equipment made of HDPE Sheet & Armed Rope

Rope play are critical in the development of children's motor and gross motor skills. It gives kids freedom and space to climb, play, and grow, and helps with their muscle growth. The great playing equipment energises the kid just by the sight of it.

Perfect See-Saw made up of HDPE Sheet

Children adore and savour the up-and-down motion of seesaws. With its big grab handles, it provides safety for kids. It is the ideal combination of entertainment and the relaxing rhythm of a rocking chair for an outdoor playground.

Key Features that highlight our products

Manlapene™ solid sheets have no air pockets that will deteriorate its structural strength. It's ideal for Play equipment, signages and sport accessories

It is a replacement to plywood and other building materials such as metal.

Our Multi-purpose Panel is a strong and sturdy ideal to be used as building material.

Benefits of Manlapene™*
HDPE Sheet
  • Safe for kids to play on
  • Long lasting and sturdy
  • Material does not deteriorate
  • Does not rot, splinter, swell or rust
  • Vibrant Colours that will not fade
  • Hygienic / easy to clean
  • Can last through all weather types
  • UV protected and waterproof
  • Termite, fire, heat and chemical retardant
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Anti-skid or extra smooth surface optional
  • Anti- vandalism (paint or graffiti does not stick, fire retardant)
  • Cost effective
Comparison with Alternative Materials
  • Will rot and deteriorate
  • Will splinter and break causing potential harm to children
  • Is more expensive, requires painting, coating, finishing
  • Will fade in colour
  • Is an easy target for vandalism i.e. spray with graffiti
  • Will mould and is difficult to keep clean. Is cost ineffective
  • Will rust
  • Are more expensive
  • Are very heavy to transport
Manlapene™ HDPE does not pose these problems and is the most ideal building material for Playgrounds & Amusement Parks, because of the various reasons mentioned.
Our Work
ITC Welcome Hotel, Shimla

Outdoor multiplay slides encourage wellbeing and provide young children with a simple means of gaining confidence. Engaging kids in physical activity keeps them healthy and fit.

Airforce Station, Hindon

Most children are fascinated by ships and aeroplanes. Our sculpted play features will enhance your playground layout and hold the attention of children of all ages.

ITC Welcome Hotel, Shimla

Animal spring riders are both entertaining and enjoyable. The kids will enjoy an exhilarating trip on the thrilling springs. They will get excited only by the sight of the character ride before they do!

ITC Welcome Hotel, Shimla

One of the finest designs can be found in our installation at the ITC Hotel in Shimla. We do this for just one reason—so that kids would be drawn to the equipment and pleased while playing, unmindful of the outside world.

ITC Welcome Hotel, Shimla

Kids love circular rides! They learn balance and body coordination, thanks to the circular movement. It is a wise decision for those who favour exciting, dynamic possibilities.

Maple Bear School, Dehradoon

Installation of HDPE sheet playground equipment at Maple Bear School in Dehradoon, decorated with colourful animals that entice children to play. It is made up of HDPE sheets, which is secure and safe for your kids.

Maple Bear School, Dehradoon

Ship shape multiplay, which is made up of HDPE sheets, is ideal for kids. This product is dedicated to releasing the essential characteristics that drive our children.

Maple Bear School, Dehradoon

Playgrounds with animal themes are a fantastic way to promote imaginative play in kids of all ages. Custom animal themes will captivate the kids for hours of active play, including concrete sculptures of giraffes and turtles as well as activity panels made to resemble various animals.

Our Client
Kidzlet Product Range

Children's motor skill development greatly benefits from the use of appropriate outdoor play equipment.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

Seeking to provide outdoor gym equipment for healthy lifestyles at any age.It helps to build lean muscle, improve cardiovascular function, and increase energy without the cost of a gym membership.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

You need the greatest sports flooring to perform when the competition is on. Kidzlet sports flooring will meet requirements and expectations regardless of the activity.

Sports Flooring

Children's imagination is vivid and colourful, so the flooring (made up of HDPE sheets) for a soft play area should be similarly vibrant and active.

Kids Play Area Flooring

Play system are essential safe equipment where children can be themselves and express their fun-loving nature while developing crucial skills.


Playing in slides will enhance your toddler's fun experience. Loved by children for its impeccable craftsmanship,these wavy slides will leave memories that your kids will cherish forever.


Our merry-go-round is not only engaging and entertaining for children, but it is also carefully constructed to support your strength goals!


The see-saw for kids is an exclusive addition to the exclusive range of toys for kids.It teaches the technique of balancing to your toddlers as well as increases your child's fun with learning.


Stable enough to sustain numerous children. This climber is praised for being "extremely robust" and "firm as a rock" due to how tough it is.